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Technology center

Huachang Chemical Technology Center is a provincial-level enterprise technology center recognized by the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Trade Commission. Under the guidance of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the Education Department, it has established provincial-level enterprise academician workstations, provincial-level new chemical functional material engineering technology research centers, and provincial-level graduate workstations.

The technology center is directly led by Comrade Hu Bo, the chairman of the company, who serves as the director of the technology center. The specific work is implemented by the Executive Director of the Technical Center, and the Expert Technical Committee is the decision-making level for the direction, planning, and goals of technical development.

The Expert Technical Committee is composed of the Director of the Technical Center, Executive Deputy Director of the Technical Center, Director of the Project Office of the Technical Center, Leader of the Process Group, Leader of the Equipment Group, Director of the Thermal Power Plant, and Experts from collaborating units with the Director of the Electrical and Instrument Workshop. The Expert Technical Committee is responsible for formulating product research and development strategies that are in line with the company's development strategy, developing project initiation, execution, evaluation, and incentive systems, constructing hardware environment and software investment based on the actual needs of the research and development project and progress, and approving and evaluating the project. The expert technical committee member, with the participation of experts from cooperating units, provides professional opinions on project prospects, technology, and other aspects through their rich industry experience, making decisions and evaluations.


Job responsibilities:

The decision-making of the technical center is market-oriented and efficiency oriented, proposing research and development directions, making decisions and formulating technological innovation and development plans. After being evaluated and approved by the expert technical committee, the project is handed over to the project office of the technical center for implementation. Based on market demand, the marketing department participates in market research and information collection for new product development, providing theoretical support for new product development. The Director of the Project Office of the Technical Center is the project management department responsible for the development and research of main scientific research tasks, new products, and new processes. It organizes and implements research and development technical problem-solving, and formulates quality standards for raw materials and auxiliary materials, as well as product enterprise standards. The Technology Center and Human Resources Department develop and implement talent introduction and training plans, and implement incentive and reward systems; Responsible for intellectual property management, including developing various intellectual property management systems and supervising their implementation.

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