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Safety management

Security management:

The company closely adheres to the safety policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", with the safety concept of "safety is efficiency, employees are wealth" and the corporate culture of "diligence, responsibility, innovation, and change" as the starting point. It comprehensively promotes the creation of safety standardization and the construction of safety management system within the company, with the shift from "post management to pre management" and "qualitative management to quantitative management" The three changes from external supervision to self-control have become the main guiding ideology, deepening the implementation of various safety management work.
The company has established a safety committee, with the general manager serving as the director of the safety committee, the deputy general manager of production, and the head of the safety department serving as the deputy director. The leaders of each department serve as members of the safety committee, and organize monthly safety meetings to timely summarize and analyze the progress of safety management work, and develop a phased work plan.
We have established a full-time safety management organization - the Safety Department, which is equipped with 20 company level full-time safety management personnel. At the same time, each production department is equipped with full-time safety management personnel, and each team is equipped with part-time safety management personnel. Currently, the company has 133 full-time (part-time) safety management personnel who have been certified by the Zhangjiagang Safety Production Supervision and Administration Bureau, including 12 who have obtained the qualification of registered safety engineers, There are over 90 part-time safety management personnel in the team, and the allocation of safety management personnel at all levels ensures the implementation of various safety work in the company.


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The company has established a safety production responsibility system that extends horizontally to the edge and vertically to the bottom, implementing a legal representative responsibility system, and establishing a safety production responsibility system for the main responsible person, responsible person, safety management personnel, various management departments, and personnel in various positions. The annual safety management system goals are formulated every year, with the general manager and the heads of each department, as well as the heads of each department and each team Each team and its employees have signed an annual safety responsibility commitment letter at three levels to ensure the timely completion of safety management objectives.
The company conducts monthly "hidden danger investigation" and "safety home" inspections, adopting a combination of daily inspections and comprehensive inspections. Teams conduct inspections on a weekly basis, departments conduct inspections on a weekly basis, the company conducts monthly inspections, and expert groups conduct inspections every two months. Through various inspection methods such as daily inspections, comprehensive inspections, seasonal inspections, and holiday inspections, the investigation of unsafe behaviors and near misses has been strengthened, Ensure that there are no loopholes in the investigation of safety hazards, and implement rectification measures, responsibilities, funds, time limits, and contingency plans for the identified safety hazards. Ensure that there are no blind spots in the rectification of safety hazards, and ensure the safety management of the work site.
The company has a dedicated emergency rescue team - the Security Department and the Health Center, and has signed a rescue service agreement with the First People's Hospital of Zhangjiagang City. Each position is equipped with corresponding emergency rescue materials, and each main production workshop has a part-time emergency rescue team. The emergency rescue plan has been filed by the Zhangjiagang Safety Supervision Bureau. The company formulates an "Emergency Rescue Plan Exercise Plan" every year, which includes a plan, records, and summary. Through the exercise, the emergency rescue ability of employees in their positions is improved.
The company conducts annual safety production month and hundred day safety competitions, promoting safety knowledge and policies through various forms of safety activities such as safety literature and art performances, safety knowledge competitions, safety knowledge training, and safety theme signatures, enhancing employees' safety knowledge and awareness, and ensuring safe and stable production operations.
The continuous improvement of various safety management work is continuously improving the safety management level of the enterprise, ensuring the effective operation of the company's safety management system.

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