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Mission: Make life better

Vision: Striving for First Place in the Province and Leading the Country
Establishing a century old factory and creating a national foundation

Core values: Performance oriented, pursuing excellence
Diligent, responsible, innovative, and transformative
Passion, sunshine, and progress

Code of Conduct: Thinking for the happiness of employees and taking responsibility for the progress of society
Strive for the survival of the enterprise and learn for one's own development

Goal pursuit: Best safety and environmental protection, lowest energy consumption
The highest per capita profit and the best employee benefits

Since the establishment of the factory, the company has attached great importance to party building work. The factory was established in July 1970 and the Party branch of the Communist Party of China Shazhou Fertilizer Plant Preparation Group was established in October. In February 1993, with Zhangjiagang Fertilizer Factory as the main body, Jiangsu Huachang Group Company was established. In May of that year, the Communist Party of China Jiangsu Huachang Group Company Committee was established. After the enterprise restructuring in 1999, in order to better carry out its work, Huachang Chemical established a separate party branch in 2004, and in 2018, the party committee was officially established.

At present, the Party Committee has established 13 Party branches with nearly 270 party members. Received multiple honorary titles such as "Advanced Party Branch of the City", "Excellent Grassroots Party Organization of the City", and "Advanced Party Branch" of Huachang Group. Multiple party branches and party members have won advanced honors at the level of Huachang Group, Zhangjiagang City, and Suzhou City.

Regularly organize employee health examinations and occupational disease examinations every year. At the same time, it is required that newly hired employees must undergo a medical examination before starting work, and can only start work after passing the examination. The company has established an independent health clinic, equipped with professional doctors and pharmacists, established internal medical accounts for employees, provided medical subsidies to employees, and equipped medical first aid kits for major production positions; The health center also records the health examination information of employees into the personnel management information and establishes employee health records. Every year, medical experts are invited to give lectures to the company, introducing health and hygiene knowledge, first aid and rescue knowledge, common diseases, and other prevention methods.

Rights and Interests of Female Employees: The company has established a Women's Workers' Committee of the Trade Union, which is responsible for the work of union officials. The grassroots trade union is equipped with female workers' instructors to provide special protection for female employees. Implement an annual health examination system for female employees, paying attention to their physical and mental health. In order to better protect the health of female employees and children, the company provides extended maternity and breastfeeding leave, and sets up a female worker's health room to regularly distribute family planning supplies. Every Women's Day on March 8th, the trade union and women's work committee regularly organize a series of activities for all female employees, such as tree planting, rope skipping, and shuttlecock kicking. Professor-level experts are invited to give special lectures on women's health knowledge, marriage, and family for female employees.

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