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Management Policy

Quality policy: regard quality as life and continuously pay attention to customer expectations; Regard quality as character, integrity and technology cast a brand.

Safety policy: Abide by regulations and laws, involve all employees, care for responsibilities, and continuously improve.

Environmental policy: Green chemical industry, green environment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and sustainable development.

Management objectives: The comprehensive one-time acceptance rate of the product reaches over 98%, the comprehensive first-class product rate increases by over 1% annually, the comprehensive excellent rate increases by over 2% annually, and customer satisfaction remains above 80 points. Continuously and effectively controlling major environmental factors; The consumption of main raw materials and main power has decreased by more than 1 ‰ compared to the average level of the previous year. The comprehensive utilization rate of process exhaust gas that can be utilized is over 98%, and the reuse rate of industrial wastewater is over 98%. The discharge of industrial wastewater is stable and meets the standard; Continuously and effectively control major hazards and major occupational health and safety risks; There are no occupational diseases, no fatalities or major liability accidents throughout the year, and the total serious injury rate is less than 0.5 ‰ and the injury rate is less than 3 ‰.

The company has a Safety Committee, a Responsible Care Leading Group, an HSE Leading Group, and an Assistant General Manager Xu Hao as the team leader. The Safety Department and the Environmental Protection Department are the daily management agencies, respectively fulfilling their respective responsibilities, deploying, coordinating, and supervising safety, environmental protection, and other related work; The HSE Office is a permanent organization of the HSE leadership group, supervising and inspecting the progress of various work of the Safety and Environmental Protection Department, actively promoting HSE management, and strengthening supervision and inspection of the rectification of various safety and environmental hazards; Check the implementation of various management rules and regulations; Timely communicate the safety and environmental protection work planned and arranged by the company, and conduct supervision and inspection; Conduct preliminary investigation and understanding of the company's safety and environmental accidents, summarize and report the work of supervision and inspection on a monthly basis to the company's leaders, in order to continuously improve the company's HSE level.

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